Today, CCM Investment Group, an affiliate of Carlson Capital Management, a fee-based integrated wealth management firm that serves families across the United States, launched the CCM Global Equity ETF (NYSE: CCMG).

Since its founding more than 35 years ago, CCM has consistently prioritized an experience that is centered on genuine care and recommending integrated wealth management strategies that support each family’s unique financial goals. The launching of CCM Investment Group and CCMG is an industry-leading, tax-efficient extension of Carlson Capital Management’s mission to help families use their wealth to accomplish what is most important to them.

The fund, which will be managed by the Carlson Capital Management team, focuses on creating a diversified, low-cost portfolio by investing in domestic and international companies that are profitable, with attractive prices relative to their peers. CCMG is designed to manage risk while maintaining portfolio allocation practices that are dynamic and opportunistic. With many of the fund’s investors being families served by Carlson Capital Management, which employs a disciplined investment strategy, CCMG is deeply focused on outcomes and helping the firm’s clients better achieve their long-term financial goals.

Justin Stets, longtime President of Carlson Capital Management, says, “Today’s launch represents a culmination of extraordinary due diligence on the part of our team to implement an innovative investment strategy and corresponding design that drives toward tax efficiency and is centrally focused on meeting the financial goals of the families we serve. There’s no question that the value of investing in CCMG is best experienced when coupled with Carlson Capital Management’s integrated planning strategies, allowing us to further enhance the wealth management experience families receive and better support their investment objectives.”